Welcome to Siam Motorcycling Adventures


Siam Motorcycling Adventures invites you to explore Thailand (previously known as ‘Siam’) on a motorcycle.

Tour & Rentals

Siam Motorcycling Adventures offers you the choice of guided tours, self-guided tours and motorcycle rentals.


We depend on good relationships with people and businesses to make sure that your motorcycling adventure runs perfectly.

Bringing a Smile to Every Face

We are dedicated to the philosophy of having fun and adventure when riding on motorcycles. Our motto is “bringing a smile to every face” and this includes riders, pillions and all the people we meet on our journeys.

There is truly nothing better than travelling and exploring this wonderful planet on a motorcycle. The wind in your face, the smells (both good and bad) that are encountered along the way, the camaraderie of all motorcyclists to each other and the freedom and the oneness with nature that only a motorcycle provides.

People who enjoy riding motorcycles are adventurers who accept the risks involved when travelling on two-wheeled transport but also understand that there is something special and unique to be a motorcyclist. How true is the saying that “four wheels moves the body but two wheels moves the soul.”

Now we are offering you the opportunity to ride a motorcycle around Thailand; in the “land of smiles.”  You will be on a legendary Italian marque, the Benelli TnT Tornado BN302. This twin cylinder machine offers outstanding power and great handling in a small package. We are proud to have you “smiling in the land of smiles.”